आमोद पाटील-आगरी बाणा: Porino Bhakrya Yetan N....??

स्वर्गीय लोकनेते दि.बा.पाटील साहेबांच्या पूर्णाकृती पुतळ्याचे अनावरण

स्वर्गीय लोकनेते दि.बा.पाटील साहेबांच्या पूर्णाकृती पुतळ्याचे अनावरण
ठिकाण: श्री.छत्रपती शिवाजी हायस्कूल व लोकनेते दि.बा.पाटील ज्यूनियर कॉलेज जासई. मंगळवार दि.१३ जानेवारी २०१५, सकाळी ११ वाजता

गुरुवार, ३० डिसेंबर, २०१०

Porino Bhakrya Yetan N....??

Porino Bhakrya Yetan N....??

Tandlachi(chavalanchi) bhakri:
Tandlachi bhakri is the humble Rice flour bread. Its a staple in Agri families. In old times(not now because nowday's everything is change) Agri's Mornings begin with this bhakri made fresh and the previous night's machhi kalvan otherwise bhaji,aamti for breakfast.
Back to the Bhakri....

1 cup rice flour
1/2 cup water

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Boil the water in a pan and as its boiling slowly add the rice flour into it and stir with a rolling pin. Remove from heat now knead the flour properly. The more you knead the bhakri will be easier to make. If too hard dip your hand in water and knead to make it like regular chapati dough.

Now this is a tough one and a test for a Agri bride-to-be.
"Bhakrya yetan ka?"
the bride-to-be is asked which means do you now how to make bhakri?

So lets begin, first sprinkle some water on a plate and wet it evenly by moving your palm over the plate this action is like your wiping the plate. Then take a small ball from the dough you kneaded. Then flatten the ball into a bhakri. Keep the plate surface wet and keep moving the bhakri in circular dirrection just like you would beat a bhakri on dry flour. If the bhakri is sticking to the plate keep wetting the plate with water intermottently. When the bhakri is big like a chapati hold part of the bhakri on the left palm and part in the plate and with the right palm beat the edge and keep moving the bhakri in circular fashion. Keep wetting the plate with little water. The bhakri should be thin. Traditionally the bhakri is shaped in flat iron tava which you might have seen at pav-bahji stalls. This tava is the cold tava. After shapping it is roasted on a terracotta tava heated with wood fired stoves. These two things give the special taste that is so wonderful. However don't sulk its good enough to roast the bhakri on any kind of tava. Remember when you are roasting the bhakri. The smooth surface stays on the top and rough surface should face the hot tava. Again sprinkle water on the bhakri and spread it around in a circular movement. This is done so that the bhakri should puff up when the other side is roasted. After the steam has subsided lift the bhakri and turn it over to roast the second side. Make sure the edges are roasted well too. Then turn it over to the first side again and put a flat spoon under it so that it does not stick to the tava. It should puff up nicely. A good bhakri is roasted on high heat and it should have one thick side and one paper thin side. Tandalachi bhakri is a cultured palate stuff so some might not like it. This bhakri goes with any spicy dish like talele bavachi tukri(fried fish), bavacha kalvan,gavthi kombryacha rassa etc.

Amod Patil.
Agri Bana.
Agri Samaj.

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