आमोद पाटील-आगरी बाणा: AGRI SAMAJ HISTORY-2

स्वर्गीय लोकनेते दि.बा.पाटील साहेबांच्या पूर्णाकृती पुतळ्याचे अनावरण

स्वर्गीय लोकनेते दि.बा.पाटील साहेबांच्या पूर्णाकृती पुतळ्याचे अनावरण
ठिकाण: श्री.छत्रपती शिवाजी हायस्कूल व लोकनेते दि.बा.पाटील ज्यूनियर कॉलेज जासई. मंगळवार दि.१३ जानेवारी २०१५, सकाळी ११ वाजता

गुरुवार, १२ ऑगस्ट, २०१०



Urap AGRI's, know also a Varap AGRI's, are found in several villages in Salssette and Bassein, and are saidl to be Christian AGRI's, who reverted to Hinduism in 1820 and others in 1828. They are also know as Nave or New Marathas. Both in Salsette and in Bassein the Urap AGRI's are considered lower than eith Sudh or Das AGRI's, who neither marry or eat with them. They have separate priest and a separate headman. Their manners and customs are the same as those of other agris and they worship the Hindu gods.

The chief evidence of their having once been Christians is to be found in their surnames, which are Gomes, Soz, Fernan, and Minez. It is saild that the Bassein AGRI's who reverted in 1820 had to pay Rs 1200 The priest who purified and took them back wa Ramchandra Baba Joshi, a Palshe Brahman. His caste for a time excommunicated him, but he was allowed to rejoin when he ceased to act as priest to the Uraps, On e Bhai Mukund Joshi, also a Palshe, succeeded Ramchandra. Like the former he was put out of caste, but when he had a child to marry he did penance and was allowed to rejoin the caste. The name of the priest who admitted the AGRI's in 1828 (November 12) was Vithal Hari Naik Vaidya, a Palshe Brahman of Bassein.


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